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25 January 2018

Can manufacturers be criminally liable if they fail to prevent others from facilitating tax evasion?

25 January 2018

Ready or not, the global oil & gas industry must contend with an ever-changing ‘normal’.It’s a confluence of trends—not just the new pricing paradigm, but rapid growth in renewables along with accelerating technology advancements—that is reshaping the industry. The energy company of the future is...

17 January 2018

BDO takes a look at the first FRS 102 triennial review amendments, and the latest IFRS Improvements published.

03 January 2018

Several rules must be observed when a sale of goods is to be invoiced without VAT.

15 November 2017

A new set of data taken from an offshore law firm again threatens to expose the hidden wealth of individuals and show how corporations, hedge funds and others may have skirted taxes. A year after the Panama Papers, a massive leak of confidential information from the Bermuda law firm Appleby Group...

08 November 2017

With the wake of recent developments in the global arena revealing the devastating effects of the #wannacry cyberattack that caused major business disruptions in 104 countries, businesses have been prompted to re-evaluate the state of their cyber readiness. One key learning from the attack was...

07 November 2017

Although many aspects of cybersecurity are rooted in technology, a change in understanding is emerging that finance executives' expertise adds great value to an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy, as they view it from a business ownership angle, integrating risk management, ERP, compliance...

08 September 2017

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