• Enterprise Risk

    A comprehensive perspective for
    a comprehensive need.

Design, Implement, Monitor, Improve.

ERM is an ongoing assessment which identifies potential risks that could prevent your company from meeting its strategic goals and objectives.  We delve deeper than a basic risk assessment; because it is continuous in nature, it helps to provide an organisation with the flags and markers it needs to keep it on course, steering it away from potential trouble.

BDO’s risk management framework design and advisory service can help you meet your risk management obligations and accountabilities. We can give you confidence that you are managing risks effectively and efficiently, and help you to:

  • Develop and implement formal risk management strategies, frameworks, policies and processes
  • Identify key enterprise-wide and operational risks
  • Evaluate existing risk control strategies and develop agreed high level action plans for residual risk mitigation
  • Develop management tools to document, register, monitor and report risks identified in risk management frameworks and processes
  • Board and Risk Committee oversight, assurance and advice.